The Lord Of The Flies (zombi357) wrote in rather_odd_bars,
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Amy Lee bar!!!

I was able to get all the pics you wanted, but the color scheme wouldnt work and I added a pic that I absolutley love!! I hope you like it, if not Ill do it again!! I am here to please!!

Amy Lee is Rock Music Love!!
Made by zombi357

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Oh neat I really like it. Your so great. Hugs...
thanks, are you sure you like it?? I can make another one and try to do it your way!!
i adore it , amy lee is amazing
I knew you would like it gorgeous!!!
of course haha <3
ITS GREAT!! Really I love it, no complains here.
Awesome! This one is going into my Info page. I'll credit you!
no need for the credit, just join and request =)